Zoë Rose

Ethical Hacker

Zoë Rose is a highly regarded hands-on cyber security specialist, who helps her clients better identify and manage their vulnerabilities and embed effective cyber resilience across their organisation; through engaging exercises to build better people defences, to enhanced technical controls. Zoë has developed extensive experience in designing and executing cyber security improvement programmes and specialises in helping people become more aware of cyber threats. Zoë is a Cisco Champion and a certified Splunk Architect, who frequently speaks at conferences and is quoted in the media, and most recently featured in Vogue.

Topic: Tales from a professional stalker
Short overview:

Have you ever had a client who constantly clicks on the links, a CEO who opens all the attachments, or receptionists who reuses every single USB they’ve found? Do you blame them for the lack of security mindfulness? If you do, stop. Blaming the users is so 2018.


Taking a deep dive into the last 10 years of my professional career, we will walk through the hard lessons I have learned regarding human behaviour, how our brains work, and why humans do what they do. At the end of the day, being a cyber security expert is not bullying users into submission, it’s understanding who they are as beings and creating a safe, inclusive environment for them to learn.


Completion of this talk will include homework – so come prepared!