Svetlana Amberga


Svetlana is an aspiring writer of more than ten years’ experience in PR and Communications, in IT security and public health fields.

At the end of 2019 a debut novel by Svetlana is coming out called “Versija: Tēvi”, the very first cyber-thriller in Latvia.

Svetlana has graduated from Literary Academy organized by the Latvian Writers’ Union.

Svetlana enjoys to speak about many communications issues – e.g. she gave a presentation at the “FIRST 2017” Conference on teambuilding and communication within a CERT team.

She has prepared communication activities for the main IT security conferences in Riga, such as DSS ITSEC and Cyberchess.

Topic: A Cyber Story: the Writer`s side
Short overview:

When it comes to cyber security, it is essential to raise awareness and explain the issue.
But how good are we at explaining things?

Can we speak in a more understandable, precise and creative way? Or, could we do even more – inspire people, instead of giving them orders and instructions, based on data and facts only?

Attackers targeting the systems are now using more sophisticated techniques, so, in order to explain the importance of a cyber defense, the cyber security experts might need to choose more creative approaches.

In this presentation I am going to give some insight and examples on how individuals, small-scale businesses or large organizations can benefit from creative writing and storytelling. Also I am going to discuss in what way a creative approach might be useful when dealing with cyber security issues.