Silvan Jongerius

Managing Partner

Silvan Jongerius (CIPP/e, Tüv-DSB) is the Managing Partner of TechGDPR (, a consultancy for Data Protection and Privacy for technology, such as Blockchain, AI and IoT. He has been involved in data protection since 2012 and spend over 12 years in senior technology leadership and general management in private media education, and has focussed on blockchain since 2014. Silvan is a regular speaker, mentor and lecturer and also the President and Founder of BerChain (, a non-profit with the mission to connect and promote the blockchain ecosystem of Berlin.

Topic: How Blockchain and AI challenge the GDPR
Short overview:

Meeting the requirements of the GDPR is challenging, in particular when using Blockchain or AI. Where most people will cringe when mentioning the GDPR’s right to be forgotten and Blockchain in one sentence, this talk will explore how these particular challenges can be resolved, and how they could even be designed in a way that helps compliance.