Philipp Kalweit

Kalweit ITS GmbH

“With his company and just 18 years, he wants to breathe new life into information security.” – Forbes, German edition March 2019
“German’y most popular hacker” – Focus Magazine 26/2018
Contrary to the thesis that my life was strongly influenced by an IT-affine or entrepreneurial environment, I grew up most of my time under middle-class conditions. My single mother, whose studies were not recognized here in Germany, ensured that we were doing well despite the simple circumstances through her numerous activities as a cleaner. Whenever feasible, I supported her in her work or took over household tasks.
The early independence paired with my hobby opened the way for the first talks. Stage fright, a great deal of uncertainty – that’s how it all began. My first talks led to the first consulting activities. My first freelance existence was followed by a better organised legal form: The Kalweit ITS company was founded.
In Germany I am regarded as the youngest entrepreneur who received his full legal capacity by a local court before the age of 18. This privilege was granted to only a few young people in the full german history.
Meanwhile I have a strong team, fresh ideas and creative solutions – and my mother a better paid job in quality control.

Topic: Deep dive into cybersecurity: Why we must respond to technological cybersecurity challenges in an interdisciplinary way