Lars Hilse

Independant consultant
Lars Hilse works as an independent consultant. He specialises in Cyber Crisis Response, Cyber Security Risk Assessments , the development of Sustainable Cybersecurity/Advanced Cybersecurity Maturity Models, Cyber Security briefings for Governments and Corporations.
Hilse’s area of expertise is cybersecurity. Within it he focusses on cybercrime, cyberdefence, cyberterrorism, and cyber insurance. He is best known for his work on cyber terrorism, briefing numerous governments about these threats. His latest briefing to the European Parliament in 2018 has resulted in the creation of ACRAC, the advanced cybersecurity risk assessment checklist, which is an open source project to harden organisational security, and the cornerstone for sustainable cyber security maturity models.
Topic: 360 degree Cyber - cyber security modelling beyond existing industry standards