Kieren Niĉolas Lovell

Principal Technical Evangelist

Kieren is a cyber security specialist, who specialises in Incident Response (CSIRT/CERT) and real time cyber security simulations and live gathering exercises.
Prior to starting at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Kieren was the Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the University of Cambridge. He was also the Chief Information Security Officer & a Battlewatch Captain for Standing NATO Maritime Group One, with the Royal Norwegian Navy on operations in the Gulf of Aden, mitigating the pirate threat.

Topic: Incident Response case studies: Reality vs Security Theatre
Short overview:

A presentation on real case studies where real incidents occurred, and in how our traditional security practices with our reliance on IPS and Firewalls did not help, and how we need to adapt this within our security posture if we really want to provide actual security, rather than just security theatre.