Deniss Bičkovs

Project officer
Free port of Riga

During my work, I gained experience in a lot of projects related with logistic and maritime e.g.  SafeSeaNet, ANNA, SKLOIS, Port Integration, e-freight, “e-Maritime Strategic Framework and Simulation based Validation” etc., as well as, organised coordination work with government institutions to implement in real life electronic systems. Also, I had to organize and lead a lot of meetings, working groups, lectures with various institutions and implement the projects and EU Directive requirements into Latvian legislation.

Topic: Cybersecurity in the Maritime sector
Short overview:

The cybersecurity in the Maritime domain is not discussed a lot, because the problem is that the responsible authorities and maritime universities are not ready yet for NEW information and Communication Technology. Every year we are moving forward to automation tachnology era, the ports, terminals and involved maritime industry, implemented electronic system, as well as ships yard build the autonomous ships. That is why it is the time to discuss very seriously and implement cyber security in the maritime sector!