Atis Straujums

Security Architect

Having started in software protection industry in 1996, for the last six years at whiteCryption Atis manages the development of the Secure Key Box product, a white-box cryptographic library that keeps cryptographic keys protected at all times, even during use. As Security Architect Atis helps customers embrace white-box cryptography in financial, automotive, medical, home automation, entertainment, and other industries.

Topic: White-box cryptography - protecting keys on insecure devices
Short overview:

Cryptography protects sensitive information using cryptographic keys. But what protects the keys? Modern attack models, especially in mobile and IoT world, assume that attackers have full access to device memory and program code at all times. Doing cryptography in traditional ways is vulnerable to key discovery under these models. Hardware-assisted cryptography is one way to protect keys but hardware is not always available. This is when white-box cryptography can help. In the presentation we will show how to find a cryptographic key in code and in device memory and demonstrate that it is possible to protect it against such attacks.