Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova

Certified Latvian and European data protection officer

Anna is certified Latvian and European data protection officer and cybersecurity expert and is a part of Intellectual Property, IT & Regulatory practice group at law firm COBALT in Latvia. She got the relevant experience in Latvia and the US. Her main focus is data protection and technology matters. Anna carries out data protection compliance audits and consults clients on privacy issues. Anna has also lectured at the Riga Graduate School of Law, BA School of Business and Finance, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Baltic Computer Academy on Information and Communications Technology Security, Cybersecurity and Data Protection and has published extensively on those subjects. Additionally, Anna is involved in speaking at privacy events and organizing them (for example, MyData conference and Cyberchess) and in assisting privacy and cybersecurity-related associations (for example, ISACA, MyData Global and Association of Certified Data Protection Officers).

Topic: Is it possible to program data protection and privacy in if we do not know what it means?
Short overview:

GDPR and other similar normative acts require to follow the principle “privacy by design”. This means introducing solutions for the protection of privacy not only in relatively simple technologies mostly managed by human but also in more complicated environments with machine-made decisions. Many of nowadays technologies engaged in processing privacy-related information do not require constant human intervention, however, may have a serious impact on our privacy rights. Thus, implementing privacy “thinking” in the applied algorithms is a reasonable requirement. However, is it possible, especially taking into consideration the lack of common understanding on what privacy is?