Alex Archondakis

Penetration tester
Pentest People

Alex is a writer, public speaker and passionate Penetration tester specialising in Web Application & API security. Alex has spoken at multiple conferences, including B-sides London and helped deliver workshops at ISACA CSX Europe. Alex is particularly interested in Cyber psychology and social engineering.

Topic: Spear Phishing: From Linkedin to Loggedin”
Short overview:

Spear phishing is on the rise, and the more our lives are displayed online, the more information a hacker has to target us. This talk will describe our journey for a spear phishing attack, detailing how to pick and research vulnerable targets via social media, and then how to construct emails based on the information discovered.

We will use real-life case studies from social engineering engagements, supported with statistics from the attacks and the resulting real-world consequences.

After this talk attendees will understand:

The effectiveness of social media in planning spear phishing attacks
How to recognise common spear phishing attack vectors
How to protect themselves and their organisation against spear phishing