Abass O. Olayinka

Associate Lecturer/Co-ordinator of Scientific and Technical Researches, Department of Computer Science Loral International Schools, Agbara, Ogun State Nigeria Head Of Department, School of Technology
Ogun State Institute of Technology, Ogun State Nigeria

He is an associate lecturer and coordinator of scientific and technical researches in the school of applied science, department of computer science at the Ogun state Institute of Technology, Ogun state Nigeria.
He received a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2007.His research interest span from Internet of things (IoT), Data mining, Cloud Security & Privacy and E-learning.
Abass Olayinka is also a lifetime member of Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA).He has presented research works in various conferences across Africa.

Topic: CLOUD SECURITY AND PRIVACY: “Mitigating and Protecting with Cross-language Programming Technology”
Short overview:

Cloud computing is one of the computational infrastructure that has brought a new phase of data
processing and management in the business of the 21
st century, which of course has impacted
positively in businesses. There is no doubt that its deep penetration and patronage by users is
connected to the ready-made environment for different services provided by the platform. The
key performance indicator (KPI) saving models of cloud computing demonstrated in terms of
cost, time, quality, compliance, revenue and profitability indicate that the technology is a
welcome development and has been embraced by all businesses so far.
As the level of patronage for cloud computing grows deeper with no sign of decrease at sight,
there are also growing concerns or challenges by both the providers and the users. These
challenges and concerns primarily linked to the security and privacy of the rich and high volume
of data which flow through the platform and those stored up there for future references. These
include health data, financial information, flight, aviation, research and critical national security
information, to mention but a few.
This paper examines and explores the various security and privacy concerns along with a
proposal on mitigating such concerns by the use of a cross-language programming technology.