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[  updated  09.AUG.2019.  ]

Call for papers 2019

❗📢 Call for papers in CyberSecurity and beyond! 👩‍💻👨‍💻10th anniversary international CyberSecurity conference DSS ITSEC is looking for great speakers in topics: EU Digital Single Market, smart devices, houses, cities & their security, the security of critical infrastructure, the global cybersecurity agenda, e-voting, network, mobile, cloud, data, industrial system, endpoint security, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. We gladly approve demos by ethical hackers and cybersecurity workshop & training hosts.

Our event gathers commercial and non commercial speakers around 50/50 so if you know or if you are an expert who can talk on one of previously mentioned topic, contact us by sending email: 📥 info@dssitsec.eu

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